Our Team

Behind the brand name of our company there is a team of highly motivated specialists striving to achieve the ultimate goal of knowing the answer to any question.

The quality of our writing services depends entirely on our research and writing team. This is our greatest asset. That is why we perform a thorough selection and training program of our researchers, writers and managers.

We only hire academics and writers who are passionate about their subject. Whether with Masters or a more advanced degree it is always important for an individual to be passionate about his field of expertise. Our researchers always go the extra mile, when it comes down to their favorite subject and, knowing that, our managers allocate your assignments accordingly.

Although our researchers come from different backgrounds, there are two things which unite them – passion for their subject and a completed relevant degree from the top academic establishments with a distinguished grade in their discipline.

We support our writers and mangers, providing them with inspiration and motivation. This approach allows us to improve the quality of our assignment research.

`There is nothing more reassuring and rewarding than to meet every afternoon with a team and devote an hour of our time going through the client’s feedback for the day. A lot of innovative ideas were born this way. And of course, we enjoy the positive and grateful comments from people we have helped with assignments, pieces of course work or even getting to the University of their dreams.’

John Taylor, Team leader